prize giving ceremony paragraph

A prize-giving ceremony is an event where students are recognized and rewarded for their achievements. This paragraph highlights the importance of such ceremonies and how it helps to acknowledge and motivate students. It also gives an idea about different elements of the ceremony, such as the chief guest, prizes, decorations, and more. The key idea of the paragraph is how prize-giving ceremonies are an important moment to recognize and celebrate student’s hard work and success, “prize giving ceremony paragraph” is the key phrase to describe the event

Prize giving ceremony paragraph

We enjoyed our annual prize-giving ceremony last Sunday. the 15th of February. it was a school holiday. it was a very exciting day. we enjoyed the day for having no routine work. we Arranged the function in our school auditorium. so, the Auditorium was colorfully decorated with flowers, festoons, and balloons. our local College Principal was the chief guest. other guests were Guardians. Elites and students’ friends were other guests. the prizes were neatly displayed on a separate table on the  Dias. the function started just at 4:00 p.m. with the national anthem and recitation from the Holy Quran. the headmaster read out the annual report. the chief guest made a golden speech.  he praised the performance of the school in JSC and SSC exams. then he gave away the prizes among the students for their outstanding activities. I got two prizes one for bright results and another for regular attendance. at last, the headmaster declared the end of the function. 


prize giving ceremony paragraph Word Meaning In Bangla : 

Prize-giving ceremony: পুরস্কার দিবস

Annual: বার্ষিক

School holiday: স্কুল ছুটির দিন

Exciting: উত্সাহবোধক

Routine work: নিয়মিত কর্ম

Auditorium: অডিটোরিয়াম

Decorated: সজ্জা করা

Festoons: ফেসটুন

Balloons: বেলুন

Chief guest: মুখ্য অতিথি

Guardians: অভিভাবক

Elites: উন্নয়নশীল

Dias: দিয়াস

Recitation: পাঠ

Holy Quran: কুরআন

Annual report: বার্ষিক প্রতিবেদন

JSC and SSC: জেএসসি ও এসএসসি

Prizes: পুরস্কার

Bright results: ভালো ফলাফল

Regular attendance: নিয়মিত উপস্থিতি


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